The Answer

At ABC Swiss Group our prime goal is to innovate how we all invest and save money.

Now we have found the perfect answer – a solution for everyone. With our existing experience, a userbase of more than 320,000 people with access to a well-designed platform – translating into a 29% penetration rate among our users – and a team of true experts in finance, IT, product development and marketing, we are certain we can do it right and make a lasting impact. That is why we have decided to launch Future Fund – a cashback-driven DeFi cashbox.
The days of sharing your savings with state institutions or traditional banks are coming to an end. We are taking cutting-edge blockchain technology, the incredibly popular trend of micro-investing, universally available cashback programs, world-class user experience design, and combining them with our well-calibrated investment policy. We will turn your cashback rewards into investments and make them work to bring a profit without you even noticing it. After all, a penny saved is a penny earned. With our team nothing will ever stand between you and a financially secure future.

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