Investment Opportunity with Growth Token

To make our vision come true, ABC London Group is planning to release Growth Token.

Growth Token is a utility token that will let token holders set up and perform marketing activities directed towards the entirety of the Future Fund community.
Every Growth Token generates Seed Tokens each month once activated on our marketing automation platform. Seed Tokens are an internal resource that can be spent on the platform to perform a variety of actions like analysing cohorts, setting up decision nodes, and – of course – launching marketing campaigns.
The marketing platform will also act as a Seed Token marketplace. Growth Token holders may sell Seed Tokens to other holders, companies outside the ecosystem, or to Future Fund and receive Future Tokens in exchange. Seed Tokens obtained each month are sold to Future Fund by default but can also be stockpiled for a larger payout further down the line.
What we can say now is that we are preparing Growth Token's issue together with GotIT Poland – ABC LG's subsidiary and an established IT recruitment firm from Poland. As such, private and pre-sale rounds will be run by GotIt Poland, while ABC LG is going to take over for the public ITO later this year.
There will be a limited number of Growth Tokens. No more than a little over 6.5 billion are ever going to be issued. We are also deploying an Artificial Intelligence- and Machine Learning-based algorithm to stimulate the token’s value by regulating supply and demand on exchanges. We are planning regular buybacks to further increase its market stability. Before each round of ITO an algorithmically determined number of tokens will be bought back and frozen. Only then will the next sales round commence. Each buyback will be calculated individually by the algorithm, considering the current market rate and financial needs. We may sell repurchased tokens to bolster the budget for future buybacks. The algorithm will include certain basic parameters:
  • limiting expenses on token buy-back to 50% of the funds acquired for liquidity in the preceding sales round;
  • the number of tokens to be bought back calculated based on the average rate on the 7th day of each sales round (assuming a gap of 14 days between each round);
  • token buy-back will take place between the 7th and 14th day.
We intend to use PoS as one of the tokens mechanisms. Early investors will be automatically opted-in for staking on the day following the conclusion of each private and pre-sale round, however this involves locking up their wallets on a dedicated inhouse staking platform. Holders who purchase their tokens during the ITO or at open exchanges will have to stake them manually.
Stake payouts will be made every day and according to the formula:
sum of staked tokens365∗5\frac {sum \,of \,staked \,tokens}{365*5}
for the first 5 years. The initial staking reward budget for that period has already been locked. There will be measures in place, however, to rebuild it further down the line.
The payout is going to be divided into two portions:
  • 20% distributed evenly between all stakers,
  • 80% proportional payout based on portfolio size;
Funds raised through the sale of Growth Token will let us pursue several key projects contributing to the growth of the entire ecosystem.
  • accessing the customer base of ABC LG;
  • developing own FinTech and blockchain tech;
  • developing investment products;
  • marketing activities;
  • acquiring new leads for Future Fund;
  • initial operating activities;
  • expanding the team;
  • purchasing partners’ shares to secure ABC’s interes

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