Our business history begins with our first company – Advanced Business Consulting London Group. We joined forces in 2017 to design a solution that would bolster relationships between workers and their employers – positively impacting employees’ personal development and wellness, making them more productive and eager to take on new challenges at work.
To fulfil that goal, we created bespoke benefit packages that include access to private health care, sports clubs, life insurance, long-term car rentals, and many more. Every employee has different ambitions, and motivations. We are experts at what we do and know that there is no point in trying to guess what other people need – all it takes is the right question.
That is why more than 320,000 people already enjoy the packages offered by ABC LG. And that number keeps increasing by the day. Having built a dedicated sales team in 2021, we grew 5x within the past year, while our current forecasts show that we are on track to hit over 600,000 users by the end of 2022. Our journey thus far and the insights that we have gathered over the years have carried over to ABC Swiss Group and made us realise an even more important question that has to be asked – one that everyone is going to face sooner or later. What does the future hold for me?

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