Utility and security tokens

The Future Fund ecosystem is introducing three tokens.

Future Token

Future Tokens are SECURITY tokens. They represent participation units on the blockchain and are generated only as Future Fund’s investment portfolio grows. In addition to the token’s increase in value over time, all Future Token holders are eligible for a dividend paid out in Future Tokens.

Growth Token

Growth Tokens are UTILITY tokens and are necessary to interact with the entire ecosystem. We are planning Growth Token’s public issue for Q3 2022. They will serve as an entry token for users to participate in the ecosystem during the pre-sale stage.

Seed Token

Seed Tokens are UTILITY tokens generated every month for Growth Token holders. Seed Tokens are an internal resource designed to be spent by users on the Future Fund trusted communications platform to run highly customizable marketing campaigns targeted at the entire Future Fund userbase. The platform also doubles as a marketplace. Users can automatically sell Seeds to Future Fund (by default), other holders and companies, or stockpile them for a larger payout later.