Everyday growth

What are cashback rewards?

Cashback rewards are a credit or debit card bonus that refunds cardholders a small percentage of the amount spent on a purchase. Most of the time, it takes the form of actual cash that comes back to your account. Hence the name – cashback. The precise percentage can vary depending on your card issuer, the deal they made with individual retailers, as well the amount that was spent. Usually, it lies somewhere between 1 and 5%.

How does Future Fund work?

When you make a purchase, a small percentage of the amount you’ve just spent returns directly into your Future Fund account. This amount is then tokenized on the fly in a completely automatic way. Future Fund receives fiat money and exchanges it into a number of Future Tokens of equivalent worth, thus increasing the overall amount you’re holding on your account. This small cashback reward is immediately added to a large investment pool overseen by asset management experts with the goal of growing your portfolio. In short, Future Fund turns your cashback rewards into micro-investment on your behalf and makes you eligible for regular dividend payments.

What does everyday growth mean?

We make purchases every day – we’re doing groceries, buying in online stores, paying for goods and services. While spending money, we can also save small percentages that are coming back as cashback rewards.
Usually, we don’t keep track of cashbacks. Those are small amounts and actually getting them may depend on various conditions – the bank you use, the type of credit card you have, and more. But with Future Fund you can effortlessly turn cashbacks into something bigger and make a profitable investment.
This is exactly what everyday growth means – you save money by spending money as usual and let professionals manage your ever-growing investment pool.
Future Fund is a long-term commitment but with this strategy we aim to create a safe environment where our users’ funds are growing regardless of market volatility.

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