DeFi designed by TradFi

Future Fund takes the best features of DeFi and TradFi – decentralized and traditional finance.

For Future Fund, DeFi means:
  • decentralization
  • governance
  • inclusiveness
  • participation
  • transparency
On the other hand, TradFi:
  • is bound by regulations to protect investors
  • offers advanced risk management tactics
  • ensures long-term safety for their clients’ assets
  • is vetted by the authorities in every jurisdiction
We combine all the advantages of TradFi and DeFi in a single place to create a fresh, modern fintech company while eliminating every disadvantage.
Future Fund is fully compliant with all relevant regulations in every market we operate. This is to ensure our users’ funds are safe and secure and to establish community trust.
We are introducing two types of tokens – two utility tokens and a security token – and all of them went through internal and external audits as well as due-diligence processes.
Users’ funds are SAFE – they are managed by a number of professionals with many years of experience in traditional finance and advanced risk management processes are their bread and butter.
Finally, at Future Fund we are and will stay fully transparent and responsive to our community.