Technology has outpaced law for many years now. The advent of the blockchain revolution has brought with it numerous questions about this “brave new world” and the way it would fit in existing legislation. Legal certainty has always played a central role in providing a framework for all kinds of social and financial interactions. Various regulatory authorities around the world are considering replacing old systems with entirely new regimes that govern blockchain-based technologies and businesses.

There’s no escaping the fact that blockchain and crypto-assets will be regulated and it’s only a matter of time. We are well aware of these incoming changes and – in truth – welcome them with open arms.

We are designing our product consciously to comply with existing regulations and tax laws. The investment vehicle, the entire platform, and the tokenised investment fund units will all conform to every law necessary. That is a baseline we have set before ourselves and a foundation upon which the entire project is built. Since at a later date we also plan to launch our product in other countries than just Poland, our domestic market, we need to ensure compatibility with the legal regimes applicable in all EU Member States. The difficulty of implementing such ambitious plans grows exponentially, but we have done our homework.
Our extensive – but still preliminary – research indicates Switzerland as the best country to be in when it comes to building innovative financial solutions and this is why we will further investigate the possibility of launching Future Fund in Switzerland. With a long history of banking expertise and forward-looking policy making, it’s no surprise that right now Switzerland has one of the most advanced blockchain legislations on Earth. Located just south of Zurich, the canton of Zug is widely regarded as the heart of the Swiss Crypto Valley, and it is there that we want to locate the centre of our operations.
However, we also know that we can’t do everything alone. We have employed Wardyński i Wspólnicy Sp. K., a renowned Polish law firm and leading practitioner in the digital assets space to always make the right decisions and ensure we operate in line with the laws and regulations of each jurisdiction we are doing business in. The first legal opinion we received confirms that our plans are feasible, even when considering their pan-European reach.
With our combined expertise, we are certain that we can tackle legal challenges while the solution we arrive at is nothing short of the best in terms of regulatory compliance. A large part of the crypto space seems to shy away from the subject, but we believe there’s no going against the current. Ensuring stability of operations for Future Fund and ABC SG is one of the top priorities in the entire project.
That is why early backers can feel safe investing in Growth Token while the participants who join in after our wide launch can trust Future Fund with their savings.

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