Introducing Your Cashback-driven DeFi Cashbox

Who would not want to secure their future but skip over the immediate economic cost of putting money aside and investing in a traditional manner? Is it even possible without hurting your everyday household budget? It might seem unreal at first glance but the on-going paradigm shift in the worlds of finance and technology makes it possible.
We have not yet seen a real solution that is worthy of the 21st century. This changes with Future Fund. We have set out to combine the idea of investing with booming economic and technical currents. We have taken rapidly developing trends in the world of payments – cashback, financial services – micro-investing, and technology – blockchain and user experience to redefine investment vehicles as we know them.
Why cashback? When purchasing goods or services, we only consider the shelf price. We do not reduce it by the amount that comes back to us in the form of cashback rewards. A customer does not expect to receive cash back when spending money, making these amounts unnoticeable. This convinced us that we can deliver an investment product which does not strain household budgets and does not require any up-front monthly contributions.
Why micro-investing? Taken individually cashback rewards are not enough to be invested in assets with a proper and stable rate of return. Major pain points include the time needed to invest, the necessary knowledge, access to lucrative investments, and having to deal with taxes. However, when the funds we intend to micro-invest become part of a larger pot managed by professionals, they can bring considerable returns.
Why blockchain? Primarily because it is independent. An investment vehicle built on a decentralised ledger is free from antiquated and ineffective state institutions. It is not bound by red tape, political instability, or half-baked legislation, keeping accounting and operational costs to the bare minimum. The only rules it conforms to are determined in advance in the form of clear criteria and rules laid down in a smart contract. Blockchain is the embodiment of transparency. Every transaction is registered and leaves a mark. Every member of the community can access all this information to see the full picture.
Why user experience? The team’s overriding goal is to build applications with simplicity, reliability, and security at the forefront. User-friendly design has become one of the most important aspects of every product. Navigating the world of digital assets in its current state is a daunting task, but we want to change that. It is why are borrowing a page out of the banking sector’s book and its journey towards digital transformation to make sure that every user can feel safe and confident when using our app, platform, and the entire ecosystem.
The team responsible for designing customer journey processes will be headed by a leader with many years of experience in eCommerce – telecommunications, banking, and retail sectors – and a current strategic advisor to Poland's largest eCommerce companies. As for designing the user experience for the Future Fund app, the team will be led by Adrian Dudela, an expert with long-standing experience in designing user experience and user interfaces for websites and applications.
Both teams will utilise the latest trends and knowledge in UX design, and the entire process will be guided by design thinking with emphasis placed on testing all elements thoroughly with end users. Throughout the design process we will be drawing on the power behind data – whether aggregated through qualitative or A/B testing. All the data we collect on the way will be analysed in order to draw out the most relevant insights. The app and the entire Future Fund ecosystem will be developed using Big Data tools, and the decisions about potential changes and future development will be made based on data-driven decision-making methods.
Our goal is to design the Future Fund ecosystem and app in a way that allows anyone to use our service, regardless of their knowledge of IT or finance, and to make both our service and tokens widely accessible.

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