How It Works

To better explain the idea behind a cashback-driven DeFi cashbox, let’s look at a general example scenario.

A customer joins Future Fund. When registering an account, a free checking account at a D2C bank is also created. They set it as their main account or connect to an existing bank account through an open banking API. The participant then installs a banking app and receives a virtual payment card or a physical one upon request. Both already support cashback benefits and the account comes with micro-investing features enabled.
The participant connects their account via open banking and uses it to pay for everyday purchases. After each eligible transaction, cashback funds go directly into the participant’s micro-investment portfolio. When the deposited amount reaches a certain threshold, Future Fund automatically withdraws the funds once a month, invests them, and – in return – deposits a corresponding number of Future Tokens in the participant’s token wallet. This lets participants save money without straining their budgets and invest without any active participation.
On the following pages, can find two user stories that go into more detail about how we are designing the user acquisition process, user onboarding, and how they can take advantage of the platform at all stages of using Future Fund.

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