How It All Comes Together – The Ecosystem

The next step is to build a token ecosystem – with Future Token at its heart. We are not starting from scratch, though. Our strategy involves multiple stages but we have a clear vision and have already taken the first steps towards achieving it. The train is rolling, and we have assembled a team of professionals who are going to see it through.
We are going to start with the userbase. In the first quarter of 2022, ABC Swiss Group is going to sign an agreement with ABC LG to access the existing userbase of over 320,000 people and start offering this investment opportunity to those who are enjoying ABC LG’s benefits packages. We are already implementing cashback rewards for purchases of ABC LG’s current benefits packages. Once we complete Future Token’s development, everything will be set in place for this group to start saving and earning Future Tokens. For example, for every 25 dollars a user spends on a sports card like MultiSport, 10 tokens go directly into their inactive token wallet on ABC LG’s platform. This move will generate enormous momentum and positive marketing buzz, greatly surprising users by giving them “something for nothing”. Participating users will be able to use their tokens as soon as they join Future Fund. They will learn all this information and more through targeted direct marketing campaigns (push notifications, newsletters, etc.) Registering is free of charge and does not require any monthly commitments.
Once this is done, we will focus on giving our users more opportunities to save and manage their tokens. As of now we are in talks with a potential partner who provides online financial services and has cashback deals in place with retail vendors about accessing their cashback ecosystem. Simultaneously we are discussing launching a checking account together with a D2C bank. The account will be integrated with our investment vehicle and come with a cashback-enabled payment card. We are also going to launch our own mobile app to let users manage their Future Token wallet and connect traditional bank accounts through open banking APIs. We are also open to developing the solutions necessary to integrate with apps belonging to third-party banks and partners. Our IT branch, ABC Technology, will simultaneously continue to develop our own tech stack with the goal of becoming wholly independent from third-party providers and – further down the line – licensing our solutions to other companies.
With the necessary preparations behind us, we will move on to a wide launch of Future Fund by making it available to everyone in Poland. We are going to further develop the cashback ecosystem by partnering with even more companies – this includes retail chains, restaurant networks, and other D2C service providers. Since our strategy is focused on scaling-up quickly, we will be seeking acquisitions that would help establish our own cashback ecosystem and expand to new markets. In addition, to secure our ongoing interests we will be establishing cross shareholding relationships with our main partners, including the cashback and banking provider.
However, our plans do not end here. The next logical step is to expand into other European countries once the groundwork is laid on our domestic market. We are treating Poland as a stepping stone to further development. We will be prioritising countries where our partners are currently present and keep analysing the market environment to pick promising directions and acquisitions. Our goal is to turn Future Token into a currency. One that can be used to pay for purchases made at retailers and service providers participating in the ecosystem created by ABC Swiss Group.

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