Future Token

Future Tokens will represent digital investment vehicle units and will be registered on the blockchain. It is also a core element and a building block of the entire ecosystem we are building.
Future Tokens will, subject to final confirmation from our legal partners, work as follows. When an amount corresponding to our token’s market value is deposited in a participant’s savings account – to be then invested by ABC Swiss Group – a token is going to be generated and deposited automatically in their wallet. Users receive Future Tokens as their cashback savings keep increasing. Owning the Token brings its own benefits. If a participant holds Future Tokens in their wallet for six months, they become eligible for a dividend. It is paid out in Future Tokens at the end of Future Fund’s fiscal year.
The number of tokens will not be limited. Future Tokens will be generated as the amount of capital invested by our participants grows and dividend is paid out. As a result, Future Token will be backed by the entire pot accumulated by the investment vehicle. Participants will be able to exchange tokens at current market price. Every micro-investor will also be able to sell the tokens they own on crypto exchanges or simply request Future Fund to repurchase them at a price calculated according to the following formula:
invement portfolio valuetotal supply of Future Token90%\frac{\text{invement portfolio value}}{\text{total supply of Future Token}} *90\%
Repurchased tokens will be burnt. To our participants it is an obvious convenience but also doubles as a way of securing exchange rate stability. Our goal is for Future Token to set a new trend in the investment sector.

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